March 12, 2017

First edition Chrono-Split.

On February 16th, the first edition of the Crono-Split. This sport event consisted of ascending from the parquing level 1150m of the ski station of Panticosa, to the altitude 1900m called Petrosos zone and then return to descend to the starting point. In total 750m of difference in both ascent and descent. The truth is…
March 06, 2017

Why the base of our splitboards are black?

The base of several colors or transparent with suggestive designs inside are more aesthetic than the black bases, but since Mendiboard we have always been in favor of being practical. Black bases are usually of higher quality than those of colors, in our case we use a Isosport sintered 7500 base, or what is the…
January 15, 2017

Text Splitboard Experience with hard boot.

The guys of Splitboard And The Mountain arrive us this text that realized of our splitboard 160 Experience along with the crossing boot of Blackland Atomic: In the middle of December bridge, we went to try both hard boots BACKLAND ATOMIC and the new splitboard MENDIBOARD EXPERIENCE. We went to Formigal Portalet to make a…
November 19, 2016

Skymetraje 2016 Play Pyrenees.

El pasado fin de semana 12-13 de noviembre volvimos a estar en el V certamen de Skimetraje Play Pyrenees. Muy contentos y muy satisfechos ante la gran acogida de nuestra nueva línea de splitboards Hexagon y de nuestro material en general. Gustaron mucho y eso es algo que se agradece, en cierta manera una recompensa…
October 12, 2016

R+D Mendiboard.

Today we are going to talk about R & D, in this case specifically the lateral decentre of the touring or ascent point. As we know, due to the skate width of our boards in ascending mode as well as the lower rigidity of the fix-boot set, when we try to draw a diagonal in…
March 14, 2016

II KDD-MENDIBOARD Andorra 25/03/2016

Un año mas Mendiboard organiza un encuentro para todos aquellos que quieran disfrutar de una buena jornada de splitboard. La ruta (todavía por determinar) será catalogada como fácil teniendo un formato al del año anterior, donde después de 400m de desnivel haremos una parada. Tras esta parada parte del grupo podrá descender al paking o…