Hexagon 162

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Directional board with traditional camber profile.
Carbon fiber laminated strip technology.
PBT carbonium Topsheet, a maximum ratio of durability and scratch resistance.
Triaxial fiberglass
Combination of wood core of poplar and bambo
Isosport 7500 black sintered base.
Diecut logo technology on the base.
8 Lines of inserts that will give us a greater configuration of the position of the raider.

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If desired, the splitboads are delivered with the inteface assembled according to stance and angulations indicated, skins cut to size and specifying us if you are goofy or regular. You can give us all this information in the following form. For any other doubt you can also write here or call us at +34 629 91 40 49.

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In the new series of Hexagon splitboards we continue with our commitment to traditional camber profile and directional boards, thought of looking for maximum performance on the ascent without penalty descent in the wide range of snows of our mountains.
Our splitboards have a long contact length, which will undoubtedly give us a greater grip when it comes to touring mode, either with the edge on the diagonals or with the climbing skin when facing the slope.
As for the riding are presented as a very versatile boards that will make us enjoy both hard days in difficult snow, being a very reactive board, as the days of deep snow thanks to its rocker in the nose que with different flex as size of the boards, will help us the riding in a deep snow, without penalizing the stability at high speeds.
Thanks to the use of the carbon sheets, it has been possible to reduce the weight of the board, without losing any of their qualities of torsion nor reactivity.
We have returned for providing the Isosport 7500 sintered black base. A very high quality base that gives us an extra speed for better riding in deep snow.
For the topsheet we have decanted a PBT (Polyurethylene Terephthalate), having an excellent ratio of durability and resistance to grating, with a carbonized texture.


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