Set Splitboard Zenith + Spark Arc Bindings 2018/2019

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In Mendiboard we offer you this Splitboard Set. In the Set we include the following: Splitboard Zenith, Spark ARC Bindings, Pucks Voile and Climbing Skins.

Al set is mounted as per customer’s instructions.

We want the Splitboard to be a bit more accessible for everyone


If desired, the splitboads are delivered with the inteface assembled according to stance and angulations indicated, skins cut to size and specifying us if you are goofy or regular. You can give us all this information in the following form. For any other doubt you can also write here or call us at +34 629 91 40 49.

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The splitboard that brings this set is a traditional camber profile for greater contact with the snow in touring mode and a greater control of the board in riding mode in different conditions of snow.

This Splitboard has a new decagonal design in tip and tail, which gives a more fluid riding in deep snow.

Directional splitboard.

It comes in three lengths and colors, Verder 153cm (Flex 6), Blue 157cm (Flex 7) and Red 161cm (Flex8)

The topsheet  is very lightweight polyamide with high scratch resistance. Triaxial fiberglass. Poplar core wood. Isosport 7500 synthesized base utra-sliding with great wax absorption power.

7 inserts lines for a greater choice of stance and position of the rider. The system of inserts of the Splitboard is Voile universal.

2 Years Warranty.


The already consolidated bindings Spark Arc with Tesla system that facilitates the changes of touring mode to ride mode. Its highback slightly more rigid for more demanding riders, allows an angulation from 22º to -13º for greater comfort in a touring mode.

It presents a single climbing wire in two positions, one for soft slopes and one for moderate slopes. The attachment includes the tip with Tesla system and the support of heel or heel. New bindings include the new Pilow Line Straps, 46% lighter, waterproof, ultradurable, comfortable, one-piece molded construction and Whammy Bars for easy climbing wire position changes on the steeps.

Compatible with IBEX crampons, to be able to lock securely in harder snow conditions.


Finally the pack includes climbing skins specific for Splitboard. With a width of 130 mm is supplied
with a cutter to adjust the width to our splitboard. Its water-resistant Nylon base gives it a perfect grip on all types of snow. Its high quality glue makes it very durable over time. Includes transport bag and storage.

The skins are supplied cut to size of the chosen splitboard.


Voile pucks are supplied, which are necessary for the placement of the bindings in riding mode. The pucks are placed in the angulation and stance required by the client.

The Pucks Voile are supplied mounted stance and angles as per customer’s instructions.


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