Jan 15, 2017

Text Splitboard Experience with hard boot.

The guys of Splitboard And The Mountain arrive us this text that realized of our splitboard 160 Experience along with the crossing boot of Blackland Atomic:

In the middle of December bridge, we went to try both hard boots BACKLAND ATOMIC and the new splitboard MENDIBOARD EXPERIENCE.
We went to Formigal Portalet to make a basic excursion, with an ascent to a couple of secondary peaks to test diagonals, stability, footprint, stability of this new split EXPERIENCE of our national manufacturer MENDIBOARD.

On the rise: LIGHT, PRECISE and STABLE, compared to VENTURE or JONES, I have to say SUPERIOR. Much better support in both plane and ascent. Its hexagonal shape in nose and tail gives it an extra tension of cut of snow emphasizing better as much in ascent as in descent.

The downhill behavior can simply be summed up with a word, TRACKER, a splitboard with just width and phenomenal flexibility; its behavior both on and off the track is characterized by PRECISION.

Regarding the ATOMIC BACKLAND boot, it is very different from the SCARPA ALIEN. It is more boot, has better finishes, poliana flap to prevent the entry of snow, the locking trigger for descent is simply exceptional, it is very light, although not as much as the SCARPA ALIEN, but flexible enough laterally and with the later rigidity enough to fall with ease.

A very recommendable boot. In ascending, with its more than 70º of flexion, it is like a boot of treking. The closures are not excessive in pressure, very precise and easily adjustable, but above all simple to handle with gloves. The trigger is a luxury, nothing to do with that of the ALIEN, and the instep closure can carry it completely loose, only with the velcro closure supuerior and the laces of the boot, you have left to go down with ease.

I attach you some photos of how the MENDIBOARD EXPERIENCE is with attachments of both ascent and descent for hard boot.

I prefer to include the heel of the TLT attachments, because of their hikes, they still lack to develop a system of rises, natural for the bindings of soft boots. It is a “roll” to have to bend down to put or remove the rises when we are on the rise, this point in the fixations of split for soft boot is a pending issue. We recommend always in hard boot the complete fixation, more versatile if you have to go down a hill as the subject ascending hikes

The Atomic Blackland boot along with Spark Dyno binding specially designed for this type of boot.

The image shows a boot in touring mode together with the Dynafit bindings and in descent mode together with the Spark Dyno Bindings

Splitboard Experience 160 along with the Atomic Blackland boots in its natural surrounding.

More information  Splitboard y el Monte.

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