We are a team of mountain lovers that more than 20 years ago decided to take a big step. We leave aside the mechanical lifts in order to get away from these and get into the depths of the mountains accompanied by our snowboard.
Our first steps were loading our boards on our shoulders, but this was a lot of effort having to carry too much weight on the back. We saw how the skiers traveled with apparent ease and the world of deep snows escaped us.
11 years ago we decided to take the step of becoming a splitboard. A world of possibilities se abrio ante nosotros, we began to introduce on teh mountains and enjoy those mountainside that until then were practically impossible to accede to them.
Five years ago we started designing and manufacturing our own splitboards looking for a different alternative to what was on the market.
Mendiboard offers a splitboard specially designed and manufactured for optimal performance in the different and changing snows conditions of our mountains. We not only look for an optimum behavior in the descent but also we focus on the ascent.
Why Mendiboard has exceptional value for money? At Mendiboard we use the best materials on the market to manufacture our boards, Isosport 7500 sintered base, mixed poplar wood core with bamboo, triaxial fiber, high strength PBT in the topsheet, etc. How can we get such a competitive price? 90% of the sales are made directly by us through our website and 10% through stores, so the margin that we have to cede to third parties is minimal, being this fundamental for the containment of the final price.
A splitboard is a conventional snowboard separated longitudinally into two halves as if they were skis. This allows climbing the mountains using the technique of backcountry. Once at the top, only need to put together the two halves to reconvert it on a conventional snowboard.
Here is a video of how the Voile sistem works, which allows us to use the splitboard in both up and down mode.



Most splitboards on the market have a camber profile, but both the nose and tail have an overly long rocker that significantly reduces the length of contact. Our commitment to ours splitboards with traditional camber profile is due to the exceptional behavior in the different types of snow that we can find in our mountains, the versatility of the traditional camber is undeniable. This assortment of snow passes from hard, powder, crust, spring, etc. in a single day of mountain. So a long contact length helps us a lot both, when we go up in the mountains for having a bigger surface in contact with the snow, and when descending because of the quick response by the reactive of the splitboard with camber profile. This will allow us to enjoy more of our outings exploring new places and feel more secure with our Mendiboard Splitboard.tabla-01

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