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Split boards Zenith and Hexagon offer you a traditional camber profile with a long contact length. The ideal would be to have a type of Splitboard for each type of snow, but this is usually not possible, so our bet is for a type of board with a very versatile profile that behaves in a good way both when touring mode, like when riding. That’s why we bet on a traditional camber profile.

Most splitboards on the market have a camber profile, but both the nose and tail have an overly long rocker that significantly reduces the length of contact. Our choice to this splitboard with traditional camber profile is due to the exceptional behavior in the different types of snow that we can find in our mountains, the versatility of the traditional camber is undeniable. This differents types of snow passes from hard, powder, crust, spring, etc. and we can find them in the same day. So a long contact length helps us a lot both when it comes to touring mode for having a bigger surface in contact with the snow, and when descending because of the quick response by the reactive of the splitboard with camber profile. This will allow us to enjoy more of our outings exploring new places, and places while we feel more secure on top of our Mendiboard Splitboard.

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